Kanjeera Lessons: Video lessons

Sairam All,

Please see Video Lessons for Basic Kanjeera / Kanjira Training:

1. Introduction about Kanjeera:

To Download Click Here…

2. Kanjeera / Kanjira Definition:


To Download Click Here…

3. Primary Sounds:


To Download Clikc Here…

4. Positioning of Kanjeera:


To Download Click Here…

5. Learning Fundamentals (very important):


To Download Click Here…

6. Sub-Lessons & Using your fingers:


To Download Click Here…

7. Main Lessons:


To Download Click Here…

8. Conclusion:


To Download Click Here…

These are the basics that helps anyone to play for majority of bhajans.

We will update with advance beats / lessons shortly…

Stay tuned.


Sai Kishore.


5 Replies to “Kanjeera Lessons: Video lessons

  1. Hi Kishore

    I am a new learner for the kanjeera instrument.
    I couldn’t open a link for the primary sounds.
    Could you please repost this primary sounds link.
    Keep up the good work and go ahead for your upcoming posts related to Kanjeera.


  2. Sai Ram Kishore,

    I am so happy to see this material and videos on Kanjeera. I am part of region 3 sai group. I am so delighted after seeing this vedios.
    thank you so much for your time to prepare this videos and it was so useful to me as a beginner to lean my dream of Kangeera to play in center.

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